If you are wondering why the systematic list has suddenly increased by one, to 96, it is because of the addition of Pied Flycatcher. We were previously frustrated that we couldn't add Pied Flycatcher to the list because the location was uncertain in the Birds of Surrey (it says that there is a record from 'Perrot's Wood' and asked the book questioned whether this meant Perrot's Farm - implying that there is no such place and it may or may not refer to the recording area). On looking at an online Ordnance Survey map of the area, we found that Perrot's Wood isn't some dodgy place name that may or may not refer to the recording area, it is infact a part of Banstead Woods and a nature reserve, hence the record without doubt refers to the recording area and can be added to the Canon's Farm and Banstead Woods systematic list.

Other recent additions to the systematic list are Black Redstart, Raven, Egyptian Goose, Greylag Goose and Willow Tit. The latter species has been added because Birds of Surrey says that there are breeding records from Banstead Woods - click here to find out more information about the breeding records of Willow Tit