Extinct breeder, now probably annual but uncommon passage migrant- Lunch Wood is the best place to find migrant birds
Spotted fly 24082010 1 small

24th August 2010

5 old records:

  • pair bred in Banstead Woods in 1973
  • one ringed in Perrotts Wood on July 1st 1973
  • pair bred in Banstead Woods in 1970; 1+ young seen on August 21st though not properly counted
  • one juvenile was seen in Banstead Woods on June 30th 1968
  • 3 pairs were recorded in Perrotts Wood in 1967

3 recent records:

  • single near Perrotts Farmhouse not before 2008 (Paul).
  • single in Lunch Wood on August 24th 2010 (DKC).
  • single in Lunch Wood on September 6th 2010 (DKC).

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